Drone Surveys

We are able to inspect any building / area with sufficient flight space, allowing for a vast spectrum of jobs that can be carried out using our high tech UAVs.

Thermal Imaging & Safety Inspections

We are able to inspect any building / area with sufficient flight space, allowing for a vast spectrum of jobs that can be carried out using our high tech UAVs.

  • By using our UAVs we are able to gain quick access to any site under 50m allowing for extensive potential for any inspections needed.
  • Our thermal imaging camera can quickly locate drainage leaks and any substantial heat loss. This allows us to inform you with data showing the areas where insulation and other improvements may be necessary cutting your energy bills and ensuring every aspect of your building/area is exploited to give the best outcome possible.
  • Using our high definition cameras on-board our drones we are able to carry out accurate roof top, wind turbine, solar panel and various structural inspections. The drones can be flown at a desired height above any given surface to capture more than sufficient data for any required report.

Aerial Footage

Using our UAV we can stipulate high resolution aerial photographs over any given area. The UAVs allow for access to awkward places such as rooftops where this would allow for further planning or detailed inspections, lakes or large bodies of water and to give a clear idea of the progression and visual outcome of building sites and improvements. We can also provide High Definition aerial videography with our gyro-stabilised UAVs with full 360° 3 axis rotation capabilities. This footage can be viewed from the ground in real time, this enables our pilot to gain full control of filming angles and framing, providing professional footage giving scope for production companies, sports events, promotional videos and various events with optimal flight height of 400ft.

Aerial Flyover & Flythrough

High Resolution flyover footage of buildings and landscapes High Resolution flythrough footage of buildings.
3D model flyover/flythrough of buildings and landscapes .
3D Dense pointcloud.

UAV Mapping

The high-precision GPS on board our drones allow for accurate results from each flight. The drones multi-rotor design allows for easy manoeuvrability around buildings and other features.

Real time GPS allows for drone stabilisation even in winds allowing for accurate data collection.

The precise dense point cloud allows us to provide high quality survey with each point taken with GPS coordinates.
From this we can provide topographical surveys, building surveys and much more.

3D Virtual Modelling

Using various UAV platforms we produce high resolution aerial footage, photography, orthoimage and intricate topographical data presented on a 3D virtual plane. 

The highly accurate point cloud we produce from our data allows us to pinpoint exact features on the models within millimetres of it’s location, providing an extensive, accurate representation of landscapes and buildings. Scenarios can be set and recorded, giving clients visualisation throughout the entirety of a day from sunrise to sunset.

Single grid mission: This is one of the most simple forms of data collection we carry out giving high quality aerial photography imagery.

Double Grid Mission: A more complex method of data collection providing double the amount of data using double the extent of angles around any given site to provide higher

Agricultural Surveying

Optimising Crop Yield: Inspecting crops to best utilise the area.

Vegetation Index: Monitoring the health and density of crops.

Water Needs: Ensuring drought is overcome and damage is lessened.

Plant Counting: Height of the crops in a given area and the density.

Detect Crop Stress: Viewing vegetation indices to detect crop variability and stress Prescriptions: Producing prescription maps for irrigation plan changes.

We provide high spec inspections of crops across any given area and with our high speed UAV data collection can easily survey acres of land within minutes.

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