GPS Land Surveys

GPS Land Surveys across East Anglia and the United Kingdom.

GPS Land Surveys

GPS enables us to carry out large site surveys in a quick and effective manner, saving our clients time and money. Our experienced surveyors can collect large volumes of data from open areas with great efficiency, to produce GPS Land Surveys that are highly accurate; our GPS surveying equipment can achieve accuracy to +/-15mm. Since a line of sight is not necessary between two points when using GPS, a surveyor can cover a larger area where sight lines are not possible because of distance or obstructions between points. Scale factor is also incorporated if required as opposed to a flat grid.

SJ Geomatics © are licensed to download and copy Ordnance Survey data in-house and issue drawings to clients. Using Leica © 1200 RTK units, we can give real-time co-ordinates to local or national grid values enabling our clients to use our data for flood risk assessment, allowing immediate decision making based on accurate and instant data. Clients can also insert data onto Ordnance Survey plans, allowing them to easily locate boundaries, intersect with previous Land Surveys and identify areas of encroachment over time.

Topographical surveys, building surveys & setting out can all be tied into national grid co-ordinates using GPS, working hand-in-hand with OS data position and scale factor

Examples of GPS Land Surveys and their uses;

  • GPS surveys for flood risk assessments.
  • Boundary surveys which overlay with OS data.
  • Large Scale topographical surveys at a fraction of the cost.
  • Real-time Setting Out.
  • Update Ordnance survey plans.
  • Locate industrial and historic features.
  • Identify areas of encroachment over time.

Benefits of GPS Land Surveys

  • Significant productivity gains in terms of time, equipment, and labour required.
  • Fewer operational limitations compared to conventional techniques.
  • Accurate positioning of physical features that can be used in maps and models.
  • Faster delivery of geographic information needed by decision makers.
  • Centimeter-level surveying results in real-time.

“The most effective way to achieve a dynamic and universally consistent reference system is through the technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS).”

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Any organisation or individual that requires accurate location information about their assets can benefit from the efficiency and productivity provided by GPS positioning. GPS Land Surveys are used for real estate development, engineering, telecommunications, and environmental industries, both in the public and private sector.

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