SJ Geomatics is a surveying company based in East Anglia, we work nationwide offering different surveying services including building surveys, landscaping surveys and measured building surveys.

When is the best time to take out building surveys?

If your building is an old one (around 75 years or older), constructed out of materials such as timber or thatch or has had lots of alterations, for example an extension then you should consider going ahead with a building survey. With this said, building surveys are suitable for any building.

What is the job of our surveyors?

Firstly, an experienced surveyor will check the property thoroughly, examining the structure of the building and looking at everything that is visible or easily accessible. The general condition of the building will be checked and all minor and major faults within the building. You will receive a report once the survey is complete; it will be thorough and very long, but at the same time very easy to follow with lists of the defects, we are legally obliged to inform you of all the findings of the building surveys or landscaping surveys.

Who do we work for?

The types of companies that we work for are:

  • National Companies
  • Building Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • Facilities Managers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Architects
  • Aborists
  • Landscape Architects

How long will the survey take?

A full structural survey will normally take much longer than the one or two hours required for the homebuyer’s report. The official report can also take quite a long time to produce, so this is a much longer process than a homebuyer’s report. The report can take up to two weeks after the inspection. The price of the survey depends really on the price of the actual building.

For more information and a detailed look at the technology we use here at SJ Geomatics please take a look at our previous blog posts, or visit our website.

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