Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys across East Anglia and the United Kingdom.

Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys are an important part of the planning process for architectural, development and construction industries. At SJ Geomatics we use the very latest software to ensure, we issue floor plans, building elevations and building sections whatever the size, shape or age of the property. We meet the specific needs of each client whether you are an individual working with a single plot or a commercial developer.

Our Building Surveyors undertake your requirements using a combination of speed and accuracy to produce highly detailed, exceptional quality, 3d Laser Scanning where output data is available as a digital or paper plan. When surveying our skilled building surveyors pay meticulous attention to detail making both internal and external surveys as required. Precision of ± 3mm over 100 metres is possible with our equipment and surveyors.

Using a combination of PC Tablets, reflectorless instrumentation, Bluetooth Distos & Latimer CAD Theo LT software, we can guarantee a service that will not only be extremely accurate but also easy on the eye. At your request we will send an experienced building surveyor who is fully trained in using all hardware and software; they will offer you, and your clients on site a professional & friendly service.

Examples of Measured Building Surveys

  • Scaled floor plans to suit specification and scale
  • General Arrangement Plans
  • Licensing Plans
  • Sections (minimum of 1 in each direction)
  • Elevations (Basic or Detailed)
  • Internal Elevations
  • Street Scenes
  • Photogrammetry
  • Roof Plans
  • Right of Light Survey
  • Net Internal Area Survey
  • Energy Assessment
  • Check existing drawings
  • Levels

A Topographical Land Survey may also be required to collect data regarding the external surrounding environment and nearby structures that could affect your project.

We will send a building surveyor who works to a high standard, meeting the regulations and criteria for submission of the planning authorities and land registry.

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