Measured building surveys are used all over the country by many different industries and are a very important part of the planning process.

Our very experienced set of surveyors will visit your building and use all of our technology and skill to produce maps, floor plans and note changes in elevation and other details about the building. Using our laser and GPS technology we can create 3D visualisations of land surveys and building surveys to help you see what your project could look like on completion, these are called 3D laser scanning surveys.

SJ Geomatics use the latest cutting edge technology including lasers and GPS to ensure that we provide excellent floor plans, building sections and building elevations regardless of the size, shape or age of the building.

Our surveyors will complete the job for you using a great blend of accuracy and speed to produce incredibly accurate, high detail maps, land surveys and measured building surveys. You will not find more accurate results if you tried, we have the most accurate and up to date equipment.

To achieve such incredible results on our building surveys we use a strong combination of 3D Laser Scanning (where available), Tablet PCs, Bluetooth hardware, GPS, and a host of custom CAD software specifically for surveys, on top of the skill of all of our team members led by Steve Jones, the director of SJ Geomatics.

Our team are capable of producing quality results across all of our surveying services including land surveys, building surveys and measured building surveys. For a comprehensive list of the services we offer please visit our website.

For more information and a detailed look at the technology we use here at SJ Geomatics please take a look at our blog where you’ll find previous articles about the machinery and technology we use to undertake surveys.

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