SJ Geomatics are experienced, professional surveyors operating throughout the United Kingdom.

Our services include our ultra accurate Land Surveys and the time/cost effective 3D Laser Scanning Surveys which use cutting edge technology and give incredible results.

Why Would I Want a Survey?

Surveys are used by a number of industries across the world, most commonly the construction, architecture and development industries.

Land surveys give a super accurate map of the land, marking everything from water, elevation changes and rough terrain.

Knowing everything about the land you’re going to develop is great for architects and builders as they can plan and build accordingly to counter any problems that the land will bring up, making land surveys crucial for these industries.

Landscaping Surveys

At SJ Geomatics we do our land surveys a little bit differently to others. Our surveyors undertake high tech 3D laser scanning surveys using the newest hardware and software, bringing a new level to land surveys.

Why Choose SJ Geomatics?

Whatever industry you’re in if you’re looking for a survey we’re at the forefront of survey technology. The team here at SJ Geomatics is professional, experienced and hard working – and they’re always looking to give you the best results possible.

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